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Unexpected horrors…

There is no greater pain than having a sick child. I will repeat, there is no greater pain than having a sick child! Being sick is a strain for us as adults now imagine these tiny humans having to go through that and not being able to express themselves or make the pain less. It is the most difficult thing to go through.

I got home one afternoon or should I say evening and I immediately saw that the bouncy energetic girl was not there instead I was staring at a dull version of my busy bee. She started by hurling out all her stomach contents out through her mouth and nose, (which was not much because she had done very little eating that day) then after what seemed like forever; she stopped but couldn’t breathe. As I was holding her I could hear that she just needed to cough real hard to remove whatever was clogging her chest, but how do you tell a baby to do that, sigh! Naturally I could have suctioned whatever was causing her discomfort but how do I suction her chest? So hospital it was!

I swear the nurses knew me by now, okay well maybe just one or two not all of them. After a long process of blood being drawn, a lumbar puncture, a couple of examinations and then an oxygen mask we were finally admitted. It sounds like a relief right? Well, yes it was; because anything beats sitting in the casualty ward (emergency room) and not knowing what is going on while nurses do routine checks which at the time I thought, was their way of secretly checking if the person is and will stay conscious.

At the hospital the rooms will either have a single bed for the mother and a small cot bed for the baby or if you are not so lucky you will get one of those recliner couches, which are very comfortable might I add. When a baby is sick, all they do is cry; so if your baby is a crier expect them to increase by at least 60 % of that crying when they are sick. The more baby cries the more their body temperatures increases. The most heart wrenching part is when they cling to you for dear life in their efforts to communicate with you to please make the pain stop.

The hospital is really just a gloomy place in general, even the coffee tastes somehow and especially the food. During my stay in the Pediatric Ward, I was comforted by simple gestures that the hospital provided, like the sandwiches parents were served at 8 am, or the coffee with biscuits that was served at 4 am. This sounds reasonable right?, well it isn’t, not when you were up every 2 hours while they nebulize the baby, and then spent 20 minutes calming her down and then when she finally settles down it’s time for another round of medication. It gets worse when you have a child like mine who fights like a little warrior to remove the oxygen tubes helping her breath or clenches her gums shut to avoid drinking her medicine. When she finally does drink the medication and you feel really good about yourself she spits every single drop out and continues crying.

With my AriBear it was so stressful that was so bad they had it written in her file that she spits her medicine and is a fighter, so when the nurses came into the room that is what they commented on just after they greeted, “Hi mommy, I am heard she a fighter and that she spits her medication” what response could you give to that really!

When the doctor clears us to go home I am not sure who to hug first, baby for recovering, the nurses for helping and going the extra mile, the doctor for finding a cure and making my baby well or rather better or the doctor still for delivering the best news ever. When you leave the hospital you are immediately overwhelmed with emotions because now you will not be in the comfort of being surrounded by healthcare professionals, have doctor checking up on you every day or nurses waiting to help where need be. You are alone with baby and maybe Daddy and other siblings, but really you are alone and your tiny human will look at you with their adorable sick faces waiting for answers you need to hear yourself.

It gets better that is what I can say. And when you are in hospital with baby, lean on the nurses and doctors. Take just 5 minutes to gather your thoughts and then come back to baby. Or if the Daddy is there asking them to take over or just assist long enough for you to catch your breath can make a great deal of help. With the constant crying and other babies crying as well and then to add to that a lack of sleep. That is reason enough to send anyone over the edge.

Remember you will get through it; you will persevere just remember to breath! And most importantly be there for your tiny human, a hug, kisses or back rubs will assure them of the love you have for them…

Published by mponengm

Apart from being a mom I am a fun energetic person. I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy reading, watching movies. But my favourite is being Ari's Mommy

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