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Sweet memories, Capturing the moment!

To all the women sitting there with big bellies marked with stretch marks, the ones with swollen feet, and terrible cravings! Yes, I am talking to you with your extra baby weight and pimples on your face… I want to tell you it’s OKAY. You are lovely, absolutely breathtaking! You get a free pass because you are doing the most precious thing life has to offer and that is to nurture life and give birth to her, so you my darling are the Best!

Most women or let me say most couples go through tough pregnancies. Just the whole prospect of carrying life in you is profound on its own and it would really be ignorant of anyone to expect it to be a walk in the park. Looking back at my experience, I must say I was very lucky. Apart from the horrible morning sickness during the first trimester and the intense cravings for olives, salad, all things green raw and fresh I was okay. I lost weight contrary to popular belief that all pregnant women gain weight. I was basically the same person I was before pregnancy with a huge round belly in front off me. At eight months I was doing laundry and cleaning the house through and through (and by laundry, I mean loading the machine and turning it on). I was active and just full of energy.

Not everyone has this seamless pregnancy, many women find it difficult to fully embrace the changes they go through. This is because it honestly is overwhelming, when you think of all the changes a woman’s body goes through; not to mention the things that one needs to accept and compromise to have a healthy Baby.

Put aside all the anxious thoughts all the worry and just enjoy the miracle you are incubating. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of carrying your baby. Capture the moment and make time stand still. Basically just live in the moment. How you ask??? Go for a photo shoot!!! And make it the best one ever. Yes, clean yourself up, make yourself cute and go make memories… I did mine when I was eight months pregnant, too late you say, well I needed the baby to be as big as possible just to have a perfect round belly. Looking back now I am honestly glad I had those pictures taken. It was my way of making my perfect moment stand still.

When Baby is born, no matter how exhausted and out of it you feel, do take another shoot. I promise you will thank me later…the new born photo shoots are the best. They tell a beautiful story and the props they use are mind blowing! My AriBear was born in June (the heart of Winter in South Africa) and the last thing I thought of was to have my baby undressed for a photo shoot, I regret it so much now. I did however go for a Smash and Splash photo shoot when AriBear turned 1 year, which was adorable, cute and all things gooey😊.

AriBear at 1 year and 1 month, picture by @Mishpratt Photography

Have fun with your pregnancy, and just take silly pictures that will be funny once you have given birth or just pictures your little one might enjoy when they are older. Hubby and I used to be totally obsessed with my growing belly and took pictures whenever we could. I just loved how big and round it just turned out to be. If you have stretch marks use an ointment or cream to reduce them. I applied Palmer’s Massage Cream for Stretch marks, on my boobs (they grow bigger accommodating milk for the new one and thus the skin stretched), my thighs, my hips, behind my knees and a generous amount on the belly.

Remember, enjoy this lovely experience, support those who are going through the process and just embrace all that comes with it. Everything you are going through will make an amazing story one day, when the dust settles in and all is calm, your story is and will remain beautiful!

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