The build-up; Memories & Milestones

From the moment you find out you are pregnant you have little milestones or should I say certain moments and memories that you make and build-up. Some milestones could be ones we would like to achieve and move past, like the “danger zone” in pregnancy, these are the weeks in pregnancy referred to as high risk – this is from 0 to 12 weeks when a woman has greater chances of experiencing a miscarriage, more on high-risk pregnancies. And other milestones and memories are ones we want memories so hard to relive them without forgetting any detail.

There are however other risks associated with the pregnancy but they decrease after the first trimester. You are advised to wait until the first trimester is over before sharing the news with other people. Just for precaution. I found out about my pregnancy at 7 weeks and after the 8th-week doctor’s appointment, I was sharing the news with anyone who cared to listen, FIRST TIME MOMMY traits!

With the whole build-up, we then get the ultimate gift…the birth. This marks the epitome of greatness. With it followed by the anticipation of when your little one would sit on their own, then the crawling and while you are still wrapping your head around that they get up and walk. My goodness, the walking is scary! This is when independence kicks in full force, baby can go where she wants and my favourite one: baby can crawl into any tiny space and just sit there with no worry t all, this one still drives me into a frenzy. 

Where am I in the build-up? My AriBear is to the date (officially) 18 months old she is not 2 years yet. She is at the stage of going from being as cute as a button, adorable to an extent where you want to cry and then she becomes a monster screaming while throwing her head all over the place. She is my very own theme park full of all the emotions.

The other day she just ran to me and hugged me – cute. A song came on while we were watching TV she quickly grabbed my hands so we could dance while nodding her head sideways and jumping up and down (her effort to dance) – adorable right? Then I caught her pouring her juice into her bum cream (tub)and drinking from it when I took it she threw herself face down on the tiled floor and screamed her tiny lungs out for a full 5 minutes – monster! 

Her most favourite thing to do at the moment is shoving anything that could fit into the toilet (this is her shoving her ball inside the toilet). I am still surprised my phone is surviving these toilet soaks. My highlight and I think I speak for so many parents when I say, are Baby’s first words. I mean the ones she says with meaning.

A couple of weeks ago just randomly, AriBear wanted me to pick her up and she just screamed “Mama Mama” I looked down at her with a look of fulfillment. I honestly had no idea till that moment that I was waiting to hear her say those words. I think she might have seen how happy I was because now she is almost using it to soften me up or to get away with the naughty things she does. 

The build-up of milestones and memories for our children are beautiful puzzles that fit so well together. They outline all that baby learns and achieves throughout her growth and development. And in so many ways they give you a peek at the character your baby might have. It’s so exciting to see my AriBear interact with my friend’s children, she is the type to run to you and hug you – a happy baby she is.

I had to be somewhere and Hubby couldn’t stay with her as well so my friend stepped in. AriBear had gone from being under the table to sneaking into the corner to just dancing to music she heard – her very own entertainment. Her dad and I are on our toes, literally all the time we can never know what she will do next, but we are loving every second of it even the days I don’t like, I love!

What memories and milestones are you building-up?

Ari’s Mommy ❤ ❤

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Apart from being a mom I am a fun energetic person. I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy reading, watching movies. But my favourite is being Ari's Mommy

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