Mommy Roller Coaster…

I have so many descriptions for being a Mom but the one that speaks to me right now, is an adventure – filled with happy times and emotional days. By this I mean we can have sunshine and happiness in the morning and end of the day emotionally drained.

So Ari is quite comfortable in the walking department, she can even run for some distance and because of that, I would believe that she would do it with ease right? wrong! I don’t know why I still keep my hopes up with this girl but she seems to do the very opposite of everything.

We were doing our shopping the other day and I had with me a fully stocked baby bag, and her stroller. We had just driven around the mall for well over 30 minutes when my girl made it very clear that she wants none of that being in a stroller business.

The shopping ordeal bordered around being a family outing and quickly decelerated to being a tantrum escapade. The tantrums were because I wouldn’t dress her in a dress she picked form the shelves (in the shop) and then my highlight was when I put her in a jean jacket to check the fit. I had no idea she would love it to an extent of wanting to leave with it, I would have bought it but man it was a tad bit too out of the budget for a toddler jacket.

Needless to say despite her disapproval I took it off her and she threw a masterpiece of a tantrum the one that is accompanied by wiggling yourself free from whatever grip while kicking and hitting. I might have found a little door in my head where I snuck in for the silence and tranquillity, while she lay on the floor carrying out her performance.

I just stood there watching her all zoned out, (inside my secrete door of silence), customers kept starring but I had no care at all. Hubby’s “save Ari moments” didn’t help she just wanted me despite her crying. I eventually carried her out of the store and because she is a cheeky little thing she cried the whole way out and gained us a bunch of spectators – she is such a performer.

Well like a rainbow at the end of each storm our day ended on a much lighter note. We went on a treasure hunt for lactose-free ice-cream in the city to spoil our girl. We found a cosy little store called Unframed Ice-Cream (@lifeunframed) in Kloof Street Cape Town, they use coconut milk for their vegan selection and have sorbets as well. She had the time of her life and of course, Mommy was capturing every single moment of it. She kept sharing her ice – cream with her Daddy. She can be cute at times.

AriBear with Daddy.

Raising a child with allergies does not have to be a great big struggle, things are much easier now with a wide variety of products ranging from snacks to the food you can get whatever you are looking for just google shops that cater to your need in your surroundings.

AriBear with her Pear Sorbet.

Merry Christmas to you and your families!

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Apart from being a mom I am a fun energetic person. I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy reading, watching movies. But my favourite is being Ari's Mommy

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  1. Lol this goes to show the roller-coaster experience of parenting one second its crying and tantrums and the next minute it’s smiles and ice-cream kids are such blessings.


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