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On the move with baby…

You can never prepare enough for travelling especially when you will be doing it with children. Something always pops up before the journey begins, during the journey or the best scenario which would be after the journey itself.

We were preparing for our journey and nervous does not even begin to describe how I felt. And as if I was not anxious enough my Lili Pops got a cold night before we left. She was coughing right through the night and I barely got any sleep. All I did was look for syrups I could give her to help calm the cough down all night with power naps between each hysterical cough.

When the baby is sick everything goes sideways, plans and schedules all have a way of being missed because all attention and energy go to the little frail not so tiny human. But luckily I managed to get all we needed with a quick stop at the pharmacy for medication, a last-minute car inspection, and then the mindless driving around before we finally pulled out.

The weather is such an important factor to account for when going from one province to another. Well, the temperature in the car plays an even greater role. What I mean is that it needs to be comfortable for the driver and the passengers as well. Ari does not like to be hot at all so I had to dress her in a very light romper/onzie and because it was a hot day the air con was on all the way. Another very important factor is to hydrate always!

Having a good car seat is an investments, we got Ari the Joie Stages seat. The great thing about this one is that you can use it from birth right up to 7 years, but if you are looking for something different have a look at their products. Joie really caters for all!

Ari snuggled up in her chair.

We drove for 6 hours with occasional stops and me giving Ari medication every once in a while. She was an absolute darling, she slept most of the time and when she was awake she would sing and laugh. And during stops, she was happy to be in her Mommy’s arms (she has days where she can be clingy but adorable), All I was thinking at that moment was why in the heavens I worried about the road trip…

It got a bit dark outside that’s when she started her first cry, I gave her juice thinking she was thirsty but that kept her quiet just enough for her to spill it all over herself, it took just a minute and then she wailed like she never was still a minute prior. She went on till I had no choice but to jump to the back seat, unbuckle her (only to find that she was soaking wet from the juice) so I had to undress her and I sat with her crying hysterically.

The good thing was that we had just 30 minutes before we reached our destination but even that felt like a lifetime. I was running out of tricks to get her quiet then I decided we should use the cooler box as a drum and sing! So creative of me right? It helped for like a short while before we managed to get to our destination. I was losing my mind and Hubby kept asking what was wrong with her… Like I speak baby!. It always amazes me how he looks at me for answers regarding Ari. I suppose mothers should have them in his mind.

All I can say is babies and not so tiny babies/toddlers don’t do so well being cooped up in one place for a long time. Remember they find pleasure in moving around and exploring so the mere thought of being trapped in one place can send any of them into a frenzy. The way she cried, my goodness I can still hear her… Let’s just say I am okay with not having another road trip for the next couple of months.

The best advice I can give when preparing for a drive would be, 1. Try and leave as early as possible while the baby is asleep even if they wake up while you are preparing its okay. As soon as they get into their car seat they will sleep. 2. Have clothes for all types of weather packed close for any emergency. 3. Pack medication, paracetamol, a thermometer and any cough syrup. 4. Take a break when they are awake, avoid waking them when sleeping. You are more likely to cover more distance while they sleep. 5. Put the car seat in a sleeping position so they can relax and sleep easily. 6. Cover the back windows with those sun shields to prevent the sun from burning baby. 7. If you have cartoons to play for them while you drive PLAY them, have toys on hand for distraction. This can give you some time to buy before they get bored and get fidgety. All the best for your journey may yours be a smooth one…

A very happy new year to you and your families!
Love Ari’s Mommy

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Apart from being a mom I am a fun energetic person. I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy reading, watching movies. But my favourite is being Ari's Mommy

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