Bullied by my 1 year old!

She wears my shoes, Plays pretend makeup and insists on having my watch on her wrist.

My Princess in pink pumps

When do you share clothes with your kids? Ari started trying my shoes on lately and her attempts ultimately end with her flat on her bum which does not bother her one bit because as fast as she falls she gets up and tries again. She is 1 year 9 months but feels she has earned the right to wear my shoes, watch and my clothes. I thought we would be doing this in her teenage years but I guess now is the time. Of all these acts of independence, she pulled her best work when she smeared my lipstick all over her face, clothes, and floor. How she reached the shelve where I keep my makeup is still bothering me.

Baby wants what Mommy has: Trying to do anything with a toddler around is almost impossible especially because they run on a crazy level of energy. As soon as you touch something they want it and that’s it! Sweeping the floor turns into an adventure of exchanging the broom with each other and eventually ending with no work done at all. Don’t get me started on mopping, Ari loves water and she does everything in her power to try to topple the bucket over, but I always catch her in the act. 

Mom’s Jersey

My baby is a bully! I think I didn’t realise exactly how much Ari loved wearing and playing with my things. Yesterday in Church she decided to tug at my earings while pointing at her own earlobes. This was her way of saying put them on me instead (we are still working on the talking thing). So the problem was that she had her own earing on and trying to explain to her that you can’t wear Mommy’s because you have your own would be pointless. So I got creative and clipped them onto her earrings, because I can’t bear to be that Mom with the screaming child in Church. Ari moved on to my watch which I also had to take off for her as if that was not enough she went for the necklace! She must have felt satisfied because she yelled, “Papa Papa” and showed off her arm with a smile, clapping and screaming at her Dad to notice her. Despite my attempts at avoiding a noise outbreak, I found myself shuffling my way past people with the occasional “sorry” to go outside to calm my hyperactive toddler. 

My Mom’s jewelry…

Putting your best foot forward, for your kids… Having Ari wanting to wear my clothes and accessories was the cutest thing ever. But more than anything this has shown me how much these little people look up to us. We are their first teachers, their role models and their first idea of a hero. It’s a lot of pressure but that comes with the ‘Mom’ title or the ‘Parent’ title in its entirety. I do not take these roles for granted if anything it is my pleasure to be her mom. Although I have my flaws, for her I can be Wonder Woman herself!

How to Raise Kind Kids: And Get Respect, Gratitude, and a Happier Family in the Bargain a book by Thomas Lickona, which is a good read for parents and helps give tools that can help in the quest to raise kind, compassionate, courageous and self-respecting kids. Another great article from Scary Mommy, which highlights how much the world needs kindness and this Mom teaches and encourages her kids to show kindness and to do an act of kindness. 

Being a first time Mom I understand more than anyone how overwhelming being a mom can be and sometimes I wish someone can whisper in my ears how much of a good job Hubby and I were or are doing but honestly whatever we portray and teach our AriBear, we can never know what she will turn out to be till she has grown up, there are no sneak peeks into the future. This article by Motherly is a lovely and eyeopening read on raising kids with kindness and compassion. And I think the 10 secrets they refer to in the article are a great start with the kids. 

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.” -Barbara de Angelis

Love Ari’s Momie

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Apart from being a mom I am a fun energetic person. I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy reading, watching movies. But my favourite is being Ari's Mommy

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  1. I love how you incorporate different articles that speak to the point you are trying to get across.


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