Embracing the basics…

Preparing for the little human can be very complicated, there are so many things to consider. And just so much to decide on. I am sure it was never this hard for our parents, maybe because they had very limited choices for products and just accessories as a whole. Choices, choices…We make choices for our babies from a very early stage, starting from our pregnancies right up until they are grown. Choosing what to eat what to drink and avoiding all that is deemed dangerous for the little bean.

The baby bag! This is the most important aspect of welcoming baby and very exciting to put together if you are having your first baby. The best thing to do is to get a big enough bag to accommodate all that you need, the worst thing that can happen is realising you forgot some

things and the process of getting them will be rather tricky. Toiletries for the baby, my goodness! have you gone to the baby aisle and checked the variety of products that they have for them. We all want to choose the appropriate products that will work well for our tiny human but all babies are different and they will react differently to whatever product you try them on.

I chose Johnson and Johnson’s baby products, and I must say I was and still am happy with them. Their products are truly amazing and I love that they offer lightly fragranced and fragrance-free products. To make sure you do not miss anything when packing the baby bag just think of the bathing process and all the things you will need, this will include the baby’s clothes and finally Mommy’s toiletries and clothes as well.

Often enough we tend to forget ourselves but Mommy you need to be clean and fresh for the little one, so you should pack toiletries and clean clothes to change. Be sure to pack a nightdress with buttons running down the front this will make nursing easy if you will be breastfeeding. Dischecm has a great baby bag they give out to expecting mother which includes samples for baby products, breast pads, and disposable panties…the bag has all Mommy and Baby will need.

Giving baby a bath…this for me was a challenge! I was very happy when the nurses gave me a tutorial on how to do it, they were helpful and very understanding. Might I just add how fragile a newborn is? One important thing to remember for bath time is to set up prior. I cannot stress this enough, setting up needs to be done before you even start undressing baby. You need to ensure that you minimize the amount of time Baby goes naked, so that means being fast when bathing them. So you need to layout your changing mat with a baby towel on top (baby will pee anytime, the mat is vital), nappy, bum cream, clothes, and toiletries. The whole process goes smoothly when everything is nearby.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, please remember to eat, eat, eat this will help generate milk for the baby. I was advised to drink craft ginger beer and rooibos to help me have milk, ultimately I think you just need to eat and drink fluids. The more baby feeds the more milk you will have. The milk comes on a demand rate so the more baby feeds the more milk you have. How often should you feed your baby? Well feed as per demand, as much as the baby wants to feed the will eventually get into a routine of feeding, sleeping, and pooping.

Accept help from friends and family during this time because you will have zero sleeping hours with feeding and burping the little one and nappy changes you will be a zombie. We often worry if we are doing the right thing or if we are not missing anything and the truth is, if you feed, burp, change the nappy and bath the baby you are doing great!

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